The Digital Bauhaus Orchestra was founded in 2018 at the Studio for electroacoustic Music Weimar (SeaM) as an interdisciplinary ensemble for students of different faculties of the Bauhaus University and University of Music Franz Liszt. They develop analogue instruments, experiment with sound and contemporary performance practices. Each instrumentalist is equipped with his own speaker. In addition, the generated sounds are projected into the auditorium via several loudspeakers. I was responsible for the spatialization and wrote compositions with a focus on conduction and improvisation.

I / O

20 lightbulbs guide the musicians through the piece. The idea is simple: play when the lights are on, be quiet when they are off. This offers space for improvisation in a framework given by the conductor.


»Adoleszenz« is a hybrid of improvisation and conduction. The piece relies on the interaction between conductor and musicians while large parts of it are spontaneously created on stage. It shows to the audience what happens when chaos and predestination overlaps.