Das 13. Jahr
artistic programming, performance

In the performance installation “Das 13. Jahr” by the collective Signa, my role was focused on the development of the software and hardware components. I developed a program that controlled the simulation of the piece, handling both the lighting and the spatial audio elements. The play, which lasted more than 5 hours, was performed by over 30 actors and was also populated by nearly 20 life-sized talking dolls. I was responsible for the sound design of these dolls.

About the piece

Recently, “Lethe Simulationswelten” has been offering one of its very special simulations in Hamburg. Behind the gates of an industrial hall on the former Thyssenkrupp site, you can explore a village surrounded by dense fog. Fantastic mountain panoramas enclose ten closely nestled wooden cabins where the villagers reside. Now, imagine if you were to find yourself there. You would be assigned to one of the families for a certain period, but not at your actual age; instead, you would be transported back to your 13th year of life.


Signa & Arthur Köstler

Signa Köstler

Set Design
Signa Köstler
Lorenz Vetter
Tristan Kold

Media and Technical Design
Arthur Köstler
Martin Heise

Sound Design
Christian Bo Johansen

Artistic Computing
Denis Połeć

Sybille Meier

Mara Nitz

Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg

Devising Ensemble
(in alphabetical order)
Agnieszka Salamon as Marzena Dankowska
Amanda Babaei Vieira as Ramona Bartz
Andreas Schneiders as Reiner Schwalbe
Arthur Köstler as Erwin Imlinger
Benita Martins as Vanessa Haberstroh
Bettina Stucky as Norma Tapphorn
Cara Golisch as Marius Kahlenbrink
Daniel Hoevels as Michael Ahrenholz
Denis Połeć as Hector Koch
Hans-Günter Brünker as Bert Nordweiler
Joelina Spieß as Peggy Maletzke
Jolina Schick as Leonora Sulinski
Josef Ostendorf as Walter Bartz
Julie Stüven as Adelina Sulinski
Kaspar Jöhnk as Tommy Maletzke
Lara-Marie Weine as Luis Schwalbe
Lars Rudolph as Samuel Falz
Linn Reusse as Marina Kahlenbrink
Livia Szabo as Emilia Ahrenholz
Lorenz Vetter as Hector Schmidt
Lotte John as Florina Tapphorn
Lucie Rudolph as Isaak Nordweiler
Luisa Taraz as Juliana Sulinski
Luise Thiele as Daria Dankowska
Luna Worthmann as Angelina Falz
Mara Nitz as Hector Preuß
Mareike Wenzel as Gilda Ahrenholz
Martha Zonouzi as Leon Schwalbe
Martin Heise as Hector Schauer
Minna John as Dariusz Dankowski
Sachiko Hara as Suzu Schwalbe
Signa Köstler as Hausiererin
Sonja Salkowitsch as Henrietta Maletzke
Tom Korn as Handelsmann
Tristan Kold as Hector Teodorescu
Ute Hannig as Cornelia 'Conny' Nordweiler
Christian Bo Johansen as Handelsmann

Set Design, Tech & Accounting: Mara Nitz
Directing: Jolina Schick
Costume: Cara Golisch

Guest Assistants
Joelina Spieß
Julie Stüven
Lara-Marie Weine
Luise Thiele
Martha Zonouzi

Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg

Production Leader
Arthur Köstler, Lorenz Vetter

Technical Production Coordinator
Simon Urbschat

Abdoulaye Badji, Tashi Lama, Andreas Schult

Erich Goldmann

Team Deutsches Schauspielhaus
Technical Direction - Hajo Krause
Production Management - Jens Schmidt
Stage Operations Coordination - Thilo Jeß
Technical Setup, Stage Manager - Matthias Morys
Workshop Management - Thorsten Großer
Paint Room - Raphael Schierling
Decoration Department - Elisabeth Schultz
Carpentry - Johanna Nölker
Metalworking - Mattis Speck
Lighting - Jan Vater - Rebekka Dahnke, Holger Stellwag
Theatre Sculpture - Sabine Kanzler
Head of Makeup and Hairstyles - Susan Kutzner
Head of Costume Department - Geseke Brandis, Susanne Günther-Müller
Wardrobe Mistresses - Pia Reifenrath-Sacher, Anne Scheerer
Costume Painting - Catja Schilling
Head of Props Department - Jörn Woisin